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Fam. Swallowtail butterfly

Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Lepidoptera --> Glossata --> Heteroneura --> Papilionoidea -->


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Gen. Iphiclides

Heike Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Iphiclides podalirius

Heike Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Papilio machaon

"Papilio machaon" by Gilles San Martin via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Papilio demoleus

"Lime butterfly (Papilio demoleus)" by Deanster1983 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Papilio troilus

"Papilio troilus, Spicebush Swallowtail ventral, Alexander Springs, 4-10-04" by Pondhawk via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Ornithoptera euphorion

"Cairns Birdwing" by Sam Schmidt. via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Baroniinae (Add)
Gen. Baronia (Add)
Baronia brevicornis (Add)
Papilioninae (Add)
Leptocircini (Add)
Gen. Eurytides (Add)
Eurytides bellerophon
Eurytides callias (Add)
Eurytides dolicaon (Add)
Eurytides iphitas (Add)
Eurytides marcellus (Add)
Eurytides orabilis (Add)
Eurytides philolaus (Add)
Eurytides salvini (Add)
Eurytides serville (Add)
Gen. Graphium (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) abri (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) agamedes (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) almansor (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) auriger (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) aurivilliusi (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) deliae (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) fulleri (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) hachei (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) kigoma (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) olbrechtsi (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) poggianus (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) rileyi (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) schubotzi (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) simoni (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) ucalegon (Add)
Graphium (Arisbe) ucalegonides (Add)
Graphium adamastor (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) agamemnon (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) arycles (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) bathycles (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) batjanensis (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) browni (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) chiron (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) cloanthus (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) codrus (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) doson (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) empedovana (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) eurypylus (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) evemon (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) gelon (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) hicetaon (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) kosii (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) leechi (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) macfarlanei (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) macleayanum (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) meeki (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) mendana (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) meyeri (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) milon (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) monticolum (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) procles (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) sandawanum (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) stresemanni (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) wallacei (Add)
Graphium (Graphium) weiskei (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) delesserti (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) deucalion (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) encelades (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) idaeoides (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) macareus (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) megaera (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) megarus (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) phidias (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) ramaceus (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) stratocles (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) thule (Add)
Graphium (Paranticopsis) xenocles (Add)
Graphium (Pathysa) (Add)
Graphium (Pathysa) agetes (Add)
Graphium (Pathysa) androcles (Add)
Graphium (Pathysa) antiphates (Add)
Graphium (Pathysa) dorcus (Add)
Graphium (Pathysa) euphrates (Add)
Graphium (Pathysa) stratiotes (Add)
Graphium aristeus (Add)
Graphium decolor (Add)
Graphium epaminondas (Add)
Graphium euphratoides (Add)
Graphium nomius (Add)
Graphium rhesus (Add)
Graphium (Pazala) (Add)
Graphium (Pazala) mandarinus (Add)
Graphium alebion (Add)
Graphium eurous (Add)
Graphium incertus (Add)
Graphium sichuanica (Add)
Graphium tamerlanus (Add)
Graphium timur (Add)
Gen. Iphiclides

Iphiclides podalirinus (Add)
Iphiclides podalirius

Gen. Lamproptera (Add)
Lamproptera curius (Add)
Lamproptera meges (Add)
Gen. Mimoides (Add)
Mimoides ariarathes (Add)
Mimoides euryleon (Add)
Mimoides ilus (Add)
Mimoides lysithous (Add)
Mimoides microdamas (Add)
Mimoides pausanias (Add)
Mimoides phaon (Add)
Mimoides protodamas (Add)
Mimoides thymbraeus (Add)
Mimoides xeniades (Add)
Mimoides xynias (Add)
Gen. Protesilaus (Add)
Protesilaus aguiari (Add)
Protesilaus earis (Add)
Protesilaus glaucolaus (Add)
Protesilaus helios (Add)
Protesilaus leucosilaus (Add)
Protesilaus macrosilaus (Add)
Protesilaus molops (Add)
Protesilaus orthosilaus (Add)
Protesilaus protesilaus (Add)
Protesilaus stenodesmus (Add)
Protesilaus telesilaus (Add)
Gen. Protographium (Add)
Protographium agesilaus (Add)
Protographium anaxilaus (Add)
Protographium asius (Add)
Protographium calliste (Add)
Protographium celadon (Add)
Protographium dioxippus (Add)
Protographium epidaus (Add)
Protographium leosthenes (Add)
Protographium leucaspis (Add)
Protographium marcellinus (Add)
Protographium marcellus (Add)
Protographium philolaus (Add)
Protographium thyastes (Add)
Protographium zonaria (Add)
Papilionini (Add)
Gen. Chilasa (Add)
Chilasa (Agehana) (Add)
Chilasa (Agehana) elwesi (Add)
Chilasa (Agehana) maraho (Add)
Chilasa (Chilasa) (Add)
Chilasa (Chilasa) agestor (Add)
Chilasa carolinensis (Add)
Chilasa clytia (Add)
Chilasa epycides (Add)
Chilasa laglaizei (Add)
Chilasa moerneri (Add)
Chilasa osmana (Add)
Chilasa paradoxa (Add)
Chilasa slateri (Add)
Chilasa toboroi (Add)
Chilasa veiovis (Add)
Gen. Meandrusa (Add)
Meandrusa gyas (Add)
Meandrusa lachinus (Add)
Meandrusa payeni (Add)
Meandrusa sciron (Add)
Gen. Papilio (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) arcturus (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) bianor (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) blumei (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) buddha (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) chikae (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) crino (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) daedalus (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) dialis (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) elephenor (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) hermeli (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) hoppo (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) karna (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) krishna (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) lorquinianus (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) maackii (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) montrouzieri (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) neumoegeni (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) palinurus (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) paris (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) peranthus (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) pericles (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) syfanius (Add)
Papilio (Achillides) ulysses (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) carolinensis (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) clytia (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) epycides (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) imitata (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) laglaizei (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) moerneri (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) osmana (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) paradoxa (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) slateri (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) toboroi (Add)
Papilio (Chilasa) veiovis (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) andronicus (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) antimachus (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) arnoldiana (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) bacelarae (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) charopus (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) chitondensis (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) chrapkowskii (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) chrapkowskoides (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) cynorta (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) cyproeofila (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) desmondi (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) echerioides (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) epiphorbas (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) fernandus (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) filaprae (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) fuelleborni (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) gallienus (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) hornimani (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) interjectana (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) jacksoni (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) mackinnoni (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) maesseni (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) manlius (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) mechowi (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) mechowianus (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) microps (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) nireus (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) oribazus (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) phorbanta (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) plagiatus (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) rex (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) sosia (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) thuraui (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) ufipa (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) zalmoxis (Add)
Papilio (Druryia) zenobia (Add)
Papilio (Eleppone) (Add)
Papilio anactus (Add)
Papilio (Heraclides) (Add)
Papilio anchisiades (Add)
Papilio andraemon (Add)
Papilio androgeus (Add)
Papilio aristodemus (Add)
Papilio aristor (Add)
Papilio astyalus (Add)
Papilio caiguanabus (Add)
Papilio chiansiades (Add)
Papilio cresphontes (Add)
Papilio epenetus (Add)
Papilio erostratus (Add)
Papilio garleppi (Add)
Papilio hectorides (Add)
Papilio himeros (Add)
Papilio homothoas (Add)
Papilio hyppason (Add)
Papilio isidorus (Add)
Papilio lamarchei (Add)
Papilio machaonides (Add)
Papilio melonius (Add)
Papilio ornythion (Add)
Papilio oxynius (Add)
Papilio paeon (Add)
Papilio pelaus (Add)
Papilio peleides (Add)
Papilio pharnaces (Add)
Papilio rogeri (Add)
Papilio thersites (Add)
Papilio thoas (Add)
Papilio torquatus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) acheron (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) aegeus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) albinus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) alcmenor (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) alphenor (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) ambrax (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) amynthor (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) antonio (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) ascalaphus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) bootes (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) bridgei (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) canopus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) castor (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) deiphobus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) demetrius (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) demolion (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) diophantus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) dravidarum (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) erskinei (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) erythrotaeniata (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) euchenor (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) forbesi (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) fuscus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) gambrisius (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) gigon (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) godeffroyi (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) helenus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) hipponous (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) hypsicles (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) hystaspes (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) inopinatus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) iswara (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) iswaroides (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) janaka (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) jordani (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) lampsacus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) liomedon (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) lowii (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) macilentus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) mahadeva (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) mayo (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) memnon (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) nephelus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) noblei (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) oenomaus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) phestus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) pitmani (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) polymnestor (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) polytes (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) protenor (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) rumanzovia (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) sataspes (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) schmeltzi (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) thaiwanus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) tydeus (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) weymeri (Add)
Papilio (Menelaides) woodfordi (Add)
Papilio (Papilio) (Add)
Papilio (Pa) pilio (Add)
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor (Add)
Papilio (Papilio) brevicauda (Add)
Papilio (Papilio) hospiton (Add)
Papilio (Papilio) indra (Add)
Papilio (Papilio) saharae (Add)
Papilio (Papilio) zelicaon (Add)
Papilio machaon

Papilio (Princeps) (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) constantinus (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) dardanus (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) delalandei (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) demodocus (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) erithonioides (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) euphranor (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) grosesmithi (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) hesperus (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) horribilis (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) leucotaenia (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) lormieri (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) mangoura (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) menestheus (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) morondavana (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) nobilis (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) ophidicephalus (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) pelodurus (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) phorcas (Add)
Papilio (Princeps) prexaspes (Add)
Papilio demoleus

Papilio (Pterourus) (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) appalachiensis (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) birchallii (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) cacicus (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) canadensis (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) esperanza (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) eurymedon (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) euterpinus (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) garamas (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) glaucus (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) hellanichus (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) homerus (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) menatius (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) multicaudatus (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) palamedes (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) pilumnus (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) rutulus (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) scamander (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) warscewiczii (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) xanthopleura (Add)
Papilio (Pterourus) zagreus (Add)
Papilio troilus

Papilio (Sinoprinceps) (Add)
Papilio benguetanus (Add)
Papilio xuthus (Add)
Gen. Praepapilio (Add)
Praepapilio colorado (Add)
Praepapilio gracilis (Add)
Teinopalpini (Add)
Gen. Teinopalpus (Add)
Teinopalpus aureus (Add)
Teinopalpus imperialis (Add)
Troidini (Add)
Gen. Atrophaneura (Add)
Atrophaneura aidoneus (Add)
Atrophaneura aristolochiae (Add)
Atrophaneura dixoni (Add)
Atrophaneura erythrosoma (Add)
Atrophaneura hageni (Add)
Atrophaneura hector (Add)
Atrophaneura horishanus (Add)
Atrophaneura kuehni (Add)
Atrophaneura luchti (Add)
Atrophaneura matsudai (Add)
Atrophaneura nox (Add)
Atrophaneura priapus (Add)
Atrophaneura semperi (Add)
Atrophaneura sycorax (Add)
Atrophaneura varuna (Add)
Atrophaneura zaleucus (Add)
Battina (Add)
Gen. Battus (Add)
Battus devilliersii (Add)
Battus philenor (Add)
Battus zetides (Add)
Gen. Byasa (Add)
Byasa adamsoni (Add)
Byasa alcinous (Add)
Byasa crassipes (Add)
Byasa daemonius (Add)
Byasa dasarada (Add)
Byasa hedistus (Add)
Byasa impediens (Add)
Byasa laos (Add)
Byasa latreillei (Add)
Byasa mencius (Add)
Byasa nevilli (Add)
Byasa plutonius (Add)
Byasa polla (Add)
Byasa polyeuctes (Add)
Gen. Cressida (Add)
Cressida cressida (Add)
Gen. Losaria (Add)
Losaria coon (Add)
Losaria neptunus (Add)
Losaria palu (Add)
Losaria rhodifer (Add)
Gen. Ornithoptera (Add)
Ornithoptera (Aetheoptera) (Add)
Ornithoptera (Aetheoptera) allottei (Add)
Ornithoptera (Aetheoptera) victoriae (Add)
Ornithoptera (Ornithoptera) (Add)
Ornithoptera (Ornithoptera) aesacus (Add)
Ornithoptera (Ornithoptera) croesus (Add)
Ornithoptera (Ornithoptera) priamus (Add)
Ornithoptera (Schoenbergia) (Add)
Ornithoptera (Schoenbergia) chimaera (Add)
Ornithoptera (Schoenbergia) goliath (Add)
Ornithoptera (Schoenbergia) meridionalis (Add)
Ornithoptera (Schoenbergia) paradisea (Add)
Ornithoptera (Schoenbergia) rothschildi (Add)
Ornithoptera (Schoenbergia) tithonus (Add)
Ornithoptera (Straatmana) (Add)
Ornithoptera (Straatmana) alexandrae (Add)
Ornithoptera euphorion

Ornithoptera richmondia (Add)
Gen. Pachliopta (Add)
Pachliopta adamas (Add)
Pachliopta antiphus (Add)
Pachliopta aristolochiae (Add)
Pachliopta atropos (Add)
Pachliopta hector (Add)
Pachliopta jophon (Add)
Pachliopta kotzebuea (Add)
Pachliopta leytensis (Add)
Pachliopta liris (Add)
Pachliopta mariae (Add)
Pachliopta oreon (Add)
Pachliopta pandiyana (Add)
Pachliopta phlegon (Add)
Pachliopta polydorus (Add)
Pachliopta polyphontes (Add)
Pachliopta schadenbergi (Add)
Gen. Pharmacophagus (Add)
Pharmacophagus antenor (Add)
Gen. Trogonoptera (Add)
Trogonoptera brookiana (Add)
Trogonoptera trojana (Add)
Gen. Troides (Add)
Troides (Ripponia) (Add)
Troides (Ripponia) hypolitus (Add)
Troides (Troides) (Add)
Troides (Troides) aeacus (Add)
Troides (Troides) amphrysus (Add)
Troides (Troides) andromache (Add)
Troides (Troides) helena (Add)
Troides (Troides) magellanus (Add)
Troides (Troides) minos (Add)
Troides (Troides) miranda (Add)
Troides (Troides) rhadamantus (Add)
Troides criton (Add)
Troides cuneifera (Add)
Troides darsius (Add)
Troides haliphron (Add)
Troides oblongomaculatus (Add)
Troides plateni (Add)
Troides plato (Add)
Troides prattorum (Add)
Troides riedeli (Add)
Troides staudingeri (Add)
Troides vandepolli (Add)
Troidina (Add)
Gen. Euryades (Add)
Euryades corethrus (Add)
Euryades duponchelii (Add)
Gen. Parides (Add)
Parides agavus (Add)
Parides alopius (Add)
Parides ascanius (Add)
Parides bunichus (Add)
Parides gundlachianus (Add)
Parides montezuma (Add)
Parides phalaecus (Add)
Parides photinus (Add)
Parides proneus (Add)
Parnassiinae (Add)
Luehdorfiini (Add)
Gen. Archon (Add)
Archon apollinaris (Add)
Archon apollinus (Add)
Archon bostanchii (Add)
Gen. Doritites (Add)
Gen. Luehdorfia (Add)
Luehdorfia chinensis (Add)
Luehdorfia choui (Add)
Luehdorfia japonica (Add)
Luehdorfia longicaudata (Add)
Luehdorfia puziloi (Add)
Parnassiini (Add)
Gen. Hypermnestra (Add)
Hypermnestra helios (Add)
Gen. Parnassius (Add)
Parnassius (Driopa) (Add)
Parnassius (Driopa) ariadne (Add)
Parnassius (Driopa) clodius (Add)
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni (Add)
Parnassius (Driopa) glacialis (Add)
Parnassius (Driopa) mnemosyne (Add)
Parnassius (Driopa) nordmanni (Add)
Parnassius (Driopa) orleans (Add)
Parnassius (Driopa) stubbendorfii (Add)
Parnassius (Eukoramius) (Add)
Parnassius (Eukoramius) imperator (Add)
Parnassius (Incertae sedis) (Add)
Parnassius (Incertae sedis) seminiger (Add)
Parnassius (Kailasius) (Add)
Parnassius (Kailasius) autocrator (Add)
Parnassius (Kailasius) charltonius (Add)
Parnassius (Kailasius) imperator (Add)
Parnassius (Kailasius) inopinatus (Add)
Parnassius (Kailasius) loxias (Add)
Parnassius (Kailasius) pshartanus (Add)
Parnassius (Koramius) (Add)
Parnassius (Koramius) acdestis (Add)
Parnassius (Koramius) cardinal (Add)
Parnassius (Koramius) delphius (Add)
Parnassius (Koramius) hide (Add)
Parnassius (Koramius) maximinus (Add)
Parnassius (Koramius) patricius (Add)
Parnassius (Koramius) staudingeri (Add)
Parnassius (Koramius) stenosemus (Add)
Parnassius (Koramius) stoliczkanus (Add)
Parnassius (Lingamius) (Add)
Parnassius (Lingamius) hardwickii (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) actius (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) apollonius (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) bremeri (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) dongalaicus (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) epaphus (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) halasicus (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) honrathi (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) jacquemontii (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) mnemosyne (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) nomion (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) phoebus (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) sacerdos (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) smintheus (Add)
Parnassius (Parnassius) tianschanicus (Add)
Apollo, Parnassius apollo (Add)
Parnassius (Sachaia) (Add)
Parnassius (Sachaia) andreji (Add)
Parnassius (Sachaia) arctica (Add)
Parnassius (Sachaia) boedromius (Add)
Parnassius (Sachaia) simo (Add)
Parnassius (Sachaia) simonius (Add)
Parnassius (Sachaia) tenedius (Add)
Parnassius (Tadumia) (Add)
Parnassius (Tadumia) acco (Add)
Parnassius (Tadumia) cephalus (Add)
Parnassius (Tadumia) hunnyngtoni (Add)
Parnassius (Tadumia) labeyriei (Add)
Parnassius (Tadumia) maharaja (Add)
Parnassius (Tadumia) pseudobubo (Add)
Parnassius (Tadumia) schultei (Add)
Parnassius (Tadumia) szechenyii (Add)
Parnassius (Tadumia) tchernyshevi (Add)
Zerynthiini (Add)
Gen. Allancastria (Add)
Gen. Bhutanitis (Add)
Bhutanitis lidderdalii (Add)
Bhutanitis ludlowi (Add)
Bhutanitis mansfieldi (Add)
Bhutanitis thaidina (Add)
Gen. Sericinus (Add)
Sericinus montela (Add)
Gen. Zerynthia (Add)
Zerynthia (Allancastria) (Add)
Zerynthia (Allancastria) caucasica (Add)
Zerynthia (Allancastria) cerisy (Add)
Zerynthia (Allancastria) cretica (Add)
Zerynthia (Allancastria) deyrollei (Add)
Zerynthia (Allancastria) louristana (Add)
Zerynthia (Zerynthia) (Add)
Zerynthia polyxena (Add)
Zerynthia rumina (Add)

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